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Branded Wristbands For Your Marketing Campaign

Customised wristbands are the perfect way to get people to talk about your company. These are fun accessories you can use at your event, whether it's music festivals or an event for different charities. Printed wristbands are a great way to raise awareness for your brand or cause. And below, you can browse our full range of plain wristbands in mixed colours that you can customise with your logo or message.

We have everything you'll need, from full-colour wristbands, silicone wristbands, and fabric wristbands for different events. We're sure you'll find a suitable option for your business or party. We even have durable, children-friendly promotional wristbands while putting your logo on full display.

You can print your logo on any wristband in our huge range. Our team will make sure to put your branding under the spotlight, which is why we're one of the best at promoting brands through branded products. You can order and customise wristbands right on our website and have them delivered in time for your conferences, exhibitions, or events. We're also happy to accommodate any of your special requests for your custom wristbands, so contact us here to learn more.

Elevate Your Event With Custom Branded Wristbands, UK

Branded wristbands are a simple but really effective way to market your brand. And here at Promo Direct, we have everything from highly durable silicone wristbands to plain wristbands that could be the perfect pick for your next event.

We pride ourselves in having a wide selection and great service, which is why we're a top provider of promotional wristbands in the UK. You don't have to worry about quality when you order from us, as our team sources all our materials from reliable sources. That way, you can rest assured that the wristbands will last a long time when promoting your brand.

On top of that, we'll put in the work to deliver your branded wristbands right away to ensure that you're fully prepared for your event!

Put Your Brand on the Map During Your Next Event!

Promotional wristbands go a long way. When you use branded wristbands in the UK, you instantly tap into a new market. On top of that, you can use wristbands for security and crowd control at events, ensuring that everything is in order and everyone is safe.

There are many ways to use branded wristbands for the UK market, and rest assured that you'll find the perfect fit for your events at Promo Direct!

Functional & Promotional Custom Event Wristbands

Branded wristbands are dual-purpose marketing tools. You can have your logo or branding custom printed on all of the wristbands on our website and enjoy fast delivery you won't find elsewhere.

That way, you put your brand front and centre whenever someone wears it. On top of that, you can also sell or use it as a security measure during festivals and large events.

It's pretty common nowadays for music festivals to use custom-printed Tyvek wristbands. Since these branded wristbands stay on for a long time and can resist various weather conditions, you can place them on guests when they enter the venue. That way, it's easier to track the people allowed to enter certain areas.

For example, it isn't just festival-goers that use wristbands. You can also give branded wristbands to the crew, staff, and artists so that security knows to let them into the backstage areas.

There are many ways to use branded wristbands to display and boost brand recognition. So, for your next event, consider ordering promotional wristbands from our website. We have a huge range, so rest assured that you'll be able to find exactly what you need!

Browse Our Wide Range of Promotional Wristbands

We aren't lying when we say we have a huge range of branded wristbands for UK events and companies. Whether you're hosting a musical festival or corporate convention or want to launch a new marketing campaign, we'll have the wristbands for you.

Check out some of the various promotional wristbands available on our website.

Full-Colour Wristbands

While promotional wristbands are very effective, they're also very small. So, if you want instant brand recognition and the widest reach, it's best to use wristbands that stand out.

That's why our website has a wide range of full-coloured wristbands. That way, the coloured wristbands instantly capture people's attention. On top of that, we'll print anything you want on the wristbands, whether that's a company logo or a marketing message.

Silicone Wristbands

If you're looking for the best marketing wristbands, our website has a great selection of customisable silicone wristbands. These are way more durable than fabric wristbands, and you can use them for a long time.

While they aren't ideal for events and festivals, they are great for giveaways to launch a marketing campaign. Since we can customise all your orders, you can print unique logos or messages on the wristbands, encouraging people to wear them daily, subtly promoting your brand.

Plain Wristbands

Sometimes, you need to take a simplistic approach to the market. That's why our collection also contains a wide range of plain wristbands. If you aren't looking for loud and intricate designs, we can provide you with simple and plain wristbands suitable for events and other purposes.

We want to satisfy all our customers, and that's why our collection of branded wristbands UK has everything from loud and complex silicone wristbands to plain Tyvek wristbands!

Fabric Wristbands

Fabric wristbands are one of the most common and effective marketing tools for festivals and events. Our website features a wide range of fabric wristbands in different colours and different designs.

Rest assured that our printed wristbands are made of the best fabric available, so they'll be able to last a very long time. So, for your next event, make sure to order your fabric wristbands from us.

Vinyl Wristbands

Our range of branded wristbands also includes vinyl wristbands. These are also very durable and come in bright colours that are instantly recognisable. That way, you can assign different colours to different areas of the venue, ensuring proper crowd identification, control and security.

Our printed wristbands always meet the highest quality standards, so you can feel as confident as ever ordering from us!

The Benefits of Custom Event Wristbands

There are many reasons to use printed wristbands for your next marketing campaign. Here at Promo Direct, you can find all the custom event wristbands you'll need, from printed wristbands with QR codes to simple silicone wristbands to market your brand. Here are some key benefits of using our printed wristbands to promote your brand.


When you buy branded wristbands UK from us, rest assured that you'll get good prices. On Promo Direct, we have a minimum order quantity for certain wristbands. However, the more you order, the more the price drops per piece.

That way, you can save money by shopping for vinyl, Tyvek, and silicon wristbands in bulk. This is a simple but very cost-effective way to promote your brand, especially if you have any upcoming events.

Great for Branding

While branded wristbands are relatively affordable, they are great for marketing. Like lanyards, wristbands are worn on the body, which means they are always visible. And even if you print a small logo or marketing message, rest assured that these wristbands will reach a lot of people.

Having branded wristbands for your UK event is a great way to bring your branding to a new audience without spending a lot of money. Branded wristbands aren't the most aggressive promotional product but are very effective.

Easily Customisable

If you're looking to raise brand awareness, you can tweak a wristband to your specific needs. For example, you can customise colour combinations and prints so that the wristband stands out among other marketing materials. Or, you can simplify the wristband and get them in plain colours to apply more focus to your logo or marketing message.

You can even get wristbands made specifically for your events, which makes them great options for festivals and conferences.

A Simple Security Measure

Managing event security is tough. During events, there are large scores of people constantly walking in and out. And if you ask the security team to check the tickets of every person entering and exiting, you'll instantly clog up the entry points.

But if you put a simple wristband on guests before they enter the event, security teams will instantly recognise those that already have access to the venue. That way, you streamline the entry and exit process, which makes for a much smoother event.

Ideal for Any Event

You'll find tons of wristband options in our huge range. This is why we say that wristbands are the perfect promotional material for any event. Whether you're hosting fundraising with multiple charities or hosting massive summer music festivals, personalised wristbands are simple and memorable accessories that highlight your company.

You'll find many festivals and events using wristbands as marketing accessories for guests. And if your personalised wristbands stand out, rest assured that people will keep them as memorabilia, giving your company more marketing opportunities.

Use Our UK Branded Wristbands for Your Next Event

We weren't kidding when we said our branded wristbands UK are the perfect accessories for any event. Whether you're hosting a business conference, parties, concerts, or festivals, they are useful tools to enhance security and market brand.

Here are some examples of events where you can use branded wristbands.

Business Conferences

It can be hard to find the right accessories for business conferences. You need to find ways to raise awareness; however, the last thing you want to do is give out marketing materials that appear unprofessional. The reason customised wristbands are great for business conferences is that you can get basic options.

At Promo Direct, we have tons of customisable company wristbands that can bare your company name and logo while still appearing professional. And when you order bulk wristbands, custom printing comes free! So, contact us today to learn more.

Concerts & Music Festivals

Our huge range of branded wristbands is perfect for any event, even if you plan on hosting a large musical event. We have various Tyvek and silicone wristbands that you can customise with your event name or logo. You can even get them in different colours so that it's easy to indicate which people are allowed in certain areas.

So, not only are they great marketing tools, they are very good for ensuring security and safety at your next event. That's why you might want to take a close look at our selection if you plan on organising a concert any time soon.

Sporting Events

Sporting events can sometimes feel like a massive party and presents massive marketing opportunities for businesses. Even if you're organising the event, there are many ways to subtly market your brand to the audience. And one of the ways to do this is with high-quality Tyvek and vinyl wristbands.

You can print the wristbands in custom colours so that people can proudly represent their team while also advertising your company. And just like for concerts, these Tyvek and vinyl wristbands are great for crowd control and ensuring that no unauthorised personnel sneak into restricted areas during games.

Marketing Campaigns

While getting wristbands branded with logos is common for events, you can also use them to launch marketing campaigns. For example, you can get wristbands personalised with the logo or icon of a new product. And whenever people wear the branded wristbands, they subtly advertise your new product or brand to a wider market.

Wristband printing is a delicate process, but when done right, you give yourself some of the best marketing tools available. So, get your wristbands customised today and start bringing massive opportunities to your business.

Place Your Order for Branded Wristbands, UK!

We specialise in wholesale wristbands that balance quality and price. When you order from Promo Direct, rest assured that we'll supply you with the highest quality custom wristbands in the UK.

Our branded wristbands UK are made of the best materials and come in different colours and styles. On top of that, you can get your wristbands printed by us directly on our website. Simply upload your design or the things you want printed on the wristband, and we'll handle the rest.

Whether you order plain silicone wristbands or complex Tyvek wristbands, rest assured that we'll deliver your products fast. We understand that you need to have all your materials ready well before the launch of your event. So, our team works hard to send your delivery the second we receive your order.

We also have some of the best customer service available. So, if ever you have questions or issues with the ordering process, you can easily shoot us a message, and we'll have a representative sorting the issue right away.

Here at Promo Direct, we aim to satisfy all our customers. That's why you have the assurance of quality products and service when you order your wristbands from us. And with our huge range of options, there's no reason to go to anyone else for your customised products!


How Much Are Branded Wristbands, UK?

Custom wristbands come at various prices. The final price of your wristbands will depend on the material you order, the type of design you want to be printed, and various other factors. For example, silicone wristbands are generally more expensive than paper wristbands.

On top of that, please note that we offer different prices per piece depending on how much you're ordering. If you're looking to get the best possible price when ordering your custom wristbands, consider ordering in bulk. And don't worry - we ensure that each and every item that goes into our bulk orders meets our high standards.

Are Promotional Wristbands Worth It?

It's easy to be hesitant about investing in promotional products like silicone wristbands. After all, printing wristbands and customising them with your business logo takes a lot of time. And when you order from the wrong source, it can also cost you a lot. However, rest assured that the marketing value of promotional wristbands cannot be understated.

While these are simple accessories, rest assured that branded wristbands will help you tap into the UK market. Not only are these great accessories that broadcast your marketing message, but they are very inexpensive and easy to create and customise. So, you might want to consider getting some custom wristbands made for your company.

How Long Does It Take to Get Wristbands Printed, UK?

When ordering branded wristbands UK, printing and delivery times can vary. This isn't ideal when hosting an event, as you want all the materials to arrive comfortably before you open the gates. That said, if you order from Promo Direct, you can rest assured that your products will arrive quickly and on time.

Our team works tirelessly to customise and pack your wristbands as soon as possible. You can even specify the ideal delivery date for your items on our website. That way, we can be honest and upfront with you about whether or not we can meet your deadlines. When you order from Promo Direct, we promise a convenient experience. So, if you're looking for fast deliveries and quality service, contact us today.

What Is the Most Durable Promotional Wristband?

If you're looking for durable promotional wristbands, vinyl, silicone, and Tyvek are some of the best materials. These materials are the perfect common ground between durable and affordable. They are currently the most popular option for those hosting events.

And here at Promo Direct, rest assured that you'll be able to find all the types of custom wristbands you will need!

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