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Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Bags

Sustainable and eco-friendly bags are a staple in many households. This is because many customers opt for reusable bags when going shopping or running daily errands, as they’re the more sustainable option compared to single-use bags.

And with an increase in customers making more sustainable choices today, offering a wide range of eco-friendly bags in your store is a good way to show your dedication to lowering your business’s carbon footprint while increasing profits from selling reusable bags.

Besides that, branded bags, such as cotton tote bags, also give you freedom to make a captivating design that shows what your brand is all about.

So, if you want to get your brand and message out to more people, you can check out our extensive selection of eco-friendly bags below.

And if you have any questions about any of our branded bags or other promotional merchandise, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team today.

High-Quality Eco-Friendly Bags Tailored to Your Business Needs

Promotional eco-friendly bags are a great way to increase brand recognition and attract more customers. But if you're looking for stylish and durable promotional bags to help with a marketing campaign, consider using eco-friendly printed bags for your business.

Nowadays, customers don't like single-use plastic bags. In the UK, consumers prefer using sustainable products such as reusable bags. So, if you want to offer bags that sell and also broadcast your message to a wider audience, our eco-friendly printed bags are an excellent option for your business.

That said, finding high-quality printed bags can be challenging. Many promotional tote bags and eco-friendly bags nowadays lack quality and durability. And if customers can see a lack in quality in your branded tote bag, they simply won't buy them.

That's why we at Promo Direct only stock up on the best eco-friendly bags available, whether that is eco-friendly promo cotton bags or canvas bags. When you receive your printed bags from us, you can rest assured that every single bag will be high-quality.

To start, all our eco-friendly bags are sustainable and well-made. So, customers will be able to use them for years to come. On top of that, we pay close attention to detail.

So, for all our printed bags, whether tote bags, paper bags, or other eco-friendly bags, you can rest assured that your company logo or marketing message will be delivered.

With Promo Direct, you won't just be getting durable and well-made bags, but you'll also get promotional totes with quality prints to ensure everybody gets the message on the bag.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Promo Cotton Bags?

When it comes to printed bags, cotton tote bags are usually the go-to option for businesses. Many businesses print their logo or message on cotton and eco-friendly promotional tote bags for several reasons.

To start, they are relatively affordable to produce, come in tons of shapes and sizes and are also easy to sell in-store. When it comes to branded merchandise, cotton tote bags offer the right balance between marketable, sustainable, and functional.

Here are the reasons why many businesses are starting to use promotional cotton bags in their marketing campaigns:

They Are Sustainable

Cotton-printed bags are very sustainable. They aren't single-use, meaning customers can use their cotton shopping bags for a long time to come. With most people in the UK shifting away from plastic bags, cotton bags offer a sustainable and stylish alternative.

Additionally, cotton bags aren't as harmful to the environment as single-use plastic bags. Since your customers can use them multiple times, these printed bags don't end up in the trash but will typically be used for laundry, grocery shopping, and other day-to-day tasks.

So, if customers want to reduce their waste, they may opt for a sustainable printed bag instead of a plastic or paper bag when shopping at your store.

Customers Prefer Eco-Friendly Businesses

Nowadays, sustainability is a big deal for consumers.

Many consumers prioritise supporting businesses dedicated to reducing their waste and carbon footprint. And a great way to show customers that your brand or business is shifting to a more sustainable future is by using tote bags and other eco-friendly bags in the store.

When you have sustainable tote bags in-store, you show your customers that your business supports the green movement and is actively working towards becoming more sustainable.

This is why printed bags made out of eco-friendly materials are a top choice for businesses and brands looking to market themselves as an environmentally-friendly company.

Tons of Design Options

When it comes to other printed bags, brands are often left without much choice when it comes to design. Not only is cotton a great material for printed bags, but as a bag, it also offers a blank canvas, allowing the print to stick really well to it. That means it won’t start peeling or fading after a couple of uses only.

Aside from that, thanks to the many design options available, you can request a variety of tote bags that vary in design. That way, you not only give your customers a wider choice of bags to pick from, but also increase the likelihood of them finding a design they like and buying one.


Another reason eco-friendly printed bags are a great option is because they are cost-effective. This means your business won't have to spend too much money to produce the bags, which will offer a ton of marketing value.

A lot of the time, many businesses marketing campaign budgets are very high. Aside from the money it costs to produce the material, they also have to pay a recurring fee for advertising space to get their logo or message through to the public.

With promo tote bags, you don't need to pay for advertising. When customers use the bags to carry their stuff when running errands, your brand receives free advertising, especially if the logo or message is well-incorporated into the design.

They Sell Fast

Aside from costing less than many other marketing strategies, branded tote bags sell fast. Customers simply love using printed tote bags. They are both eco-friendly, good for the environment, and very convenient and long-lasting.

At Promo Direct, we only use materials of the best quality to produce our bags. So, not only will customers get a stylish tote bag with a well-printed design, but they also get a bag that's strong to last them a long time.

When customers see that the store or company is offering a strong and stylish tote bag, there's a higher chance they'll buy it. This can bring in profit and customers to your store and also help you offset the original cost of producing the bags in the first place.

A Trusted Supplier for Promotional Eco-Friendly Bags

If you need to produce organic cotton bags to sell at your store or give away at a corporate event, Promo Direct has got you covered. We offer a wide selection of different sustainable bags in our store, but our eco-friendly printed bags are one of our customer favourites.

We are dedicated to helping our clients reach new heights, and here are some of the reasons we've become one of the top suppliers of eco-friendly printed bags in the UK:

Any Design You Want

At Promo Direct, we can print any design you want. We offer monochrome prints and prints with multiple colours. That way, you can easily translate your brand's vision onto the bag.

Our printed bags are made of high-quality materials. This means that once we print your design on the bag, it will last a long time.

We pay attention to each individual customer and their needs. Once we know the exact needs of our customers and what they are after, we use our vast experience to figure out the best way to print their idea onto the bags.

That way, not only will the design stay on the bag for longer, but everyone who sees the design will instantly be able to recognise your company or logo.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Here at Promo Direct, we prioritise our customer's needs. Since we make customised printed bags for many businesses and brands, we've learned how to meet expectations. And we do it good.

So, when you come to us for printed promotional tote bags, you can rest assured that we will work with you to produce the best possible promotional bags and products.

When you order from us, our friendly team is happy to help you find the right pick within our full range. Whether you need a sturdy design for giveaways during trade shows or high-quality screen-printed, full-colour designs that compete with the top brands on the market, our team is here to help you out.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out some customer reviews of Promo Direct and see for yourself how we've satisfied many businesses over the years.

High-Quality Guaranteed

Aside from prioritising the customer and ensuring a good experience, we're also dedicated to producing high-quality products. Every single bag you order from us, whether from our eco-friendly bags selection or our other categories, will be of great quality.

With Promo Direct, you can rely on our eco-friendly bags having strong handles and lasting your customers a long time. That way, more customers will buy the promotional bag, which gives your business even more brand recognition.

Great Value for Money

At Promo Direct, our primary goal is to provide our customers with eco-friendly bags while ensuring you get the best value for money on the market. And while we don't market ourselves as a budget-friendly store in the promotional merchandise industry, our products come in quality you won't find anywhere else.

When placing an order with us, you get what you pay for. When you place an order for our promotional tote bags, your business will be guaranteed to receive strong and durable bags with beautiful and long-lasting prints.

Additionally, all promotional tote bags go through a quality control check to ensure that there are no defects in any of the bags before you receive your order. That way, your business can sell high-quality merchandise to your customers and increase brand exposure simultaneously.

How to Make Promotional Tote Bags That Sell

You can take many steps to give your promotional tote bags the best chance of selling. If you're struggling with ideas, you can read about our tried and tested methods that are guaranteed to increase the sales of promotional tote bags in your stores.

Choose A Good Design

A good design is the first step to ensuring that your tote bags will sell. A design doesn't need to have a lot of colours or even be full-colour to stand out. Many great black and white and similar simple designs can entice customers to buy the bags.

When customers look at a tote bag, they first look at the design. If you're offering a design with a catchy phrase or creative design, it will entice your customers to buy your eco-friendly bags. On the other hand, they might avoid the bag if the design looks bland and lacks personality.

Here at Promo Direct, we ensure that whatever design you send us is exactly the design that ends up on the sturdy tote bags.

Limit the Supply

One unique way to increase the likelihood of the bag selling is to make it a limited-edition collector's piece.

Making the bags part of your store's special offers will give your customers another reason to buy the bag, especially if you use the first come, first served principle.

And once your customers buy a tote bag and start using it, your brand and business will get much more recognition.

Incorporate Your Brand Well

Aside from focusing on the full-colour design of the bag, you also need to consider how to incorporate your brand. You can always opt to make your brand's logo the focal point of the entire design, but you can also go for a more subtle approach.

Either way, ensure that when putting the other in for our promotional cotton bags, you find the right balance between a nice design and a design that highlights your brand to increase exposure.

Find the Right Supplier

Before investing in reusable shopping bags for your store, you have to ensure that you are sourcing the product from the right supplier. Remember, your customers are much more likely to buy your branded bags if they are of high quality, are comfortable, look durable, and feature a stylish design.

At Promo Direct, we have a wide range of promotional cotton and eco-friendly bags our customers can pick from. Not only that, but we've also made sure that no matter which product you go for, you are guaranteed to get the best value for money possible.


Are jute bags eco-friendly?

Natural-fibre jute bags are very eco-friendly. This is because the material is biodegradable and reusable. So, not only will fewer of the bags end up in the trash, but if they do, the material will naturally biodegrade.

What type of supermarket bag is more eco-friendly?

When it comes to single-use bags, paper is far more eco-friendly than plastic. However, to really promote eco-friendly practices, it's best to encourage customers to bring their reusable bags with them when running daily errands.

Where to buy tote bags, UK?

Promo Direct offers a great price and a wide range of options if you need tote bags in the UK. We are dedicated to helping you stock up on eco-friendly promotional tote bags and advertise your company.

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