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Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are an excellent investment for every business.

Giving out or offering customers branded bags, such as our sustainable cotton tote bags, will put your business in a positive light and show customers you’re taking the necessary steps towards becoming more sustainable. But it will also expose your brand or message to hundreds of people every time your bags are used in public by your customers.

Besides, promotional bags are also a great employee gift. We offer many branded bags for businesses, such as our branded laptop sleeves or our sturdy conference bags, both being perfect for bringing along to pop-up events, meetings, and other important events.

Not only that but exposing your brand through promotional merchandise is an inexpensive way for your business to get noticed. If you print a creative design on your promo bags that your customers want to buy, that can also become another source of income for your business.

You can browse our wide selection of promotional bags below, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to give our friendly customer service a call on 0203 195 7581 today!

Explore Our Wide Range of Promotional Bags for Businesses in the UK

If you're looking to bring more brand awareness to your organisation, promotional bags are a great way to do so.

Our custom-printed bags can carry your company logo or message, bringing it to a broader and more organic audience.

When your business has promotional bags printed with your business's message, you can use them for corporate giveaways, packaging goods at a pop-up store, or giving them away as part of a larger marketing campaign.

Promotional bags benefit both the customer and the business. Giving away or selling promotional bags allows your customers to support your business further while delivering your brand to more people.

At Promo Direct, we offer various promotional bags tailored to your needs. We prioritise customer satisfaction, which is why you can find various branded bags on our website. And if we don't have exactly what you're looking for, you can give us a call, and we can see what we can do for you.

Whether you're looking for sustainable jute bags, branded conference bags, cotton tote bags, or reusable shopping bags, we got you covered.

We put in the effort to satisfy all our clients. And if you don't want to take our word for it, you can check out our many fantastic customer reviews on this page.

Why Use Branded Bags?

A promotional custom bag is a simple and highly effective way of broadcasting a marketing message to new potential customers.

Unlike billboards and digital ads, businesses don't need to pay for advertising space when offering custom bags. Instead, they can give away printed bags to employees, loyal customers, or to people at events and pop-ups, which they can use in their everyday lives.

And whenever a customer uses a promotional bag for everyday tasks, people get to see what's on the bag. Branded tote bags and other promotional bags are a great way to tap into a new audience and bring more awareness to the brand.

Here are some other benefits of giving out promotional bags:

Free Advertising

With traditional marketing campaigns, you have to pay for ad space.

On top of that, there are also creative fees for the artists and team involved in producing the material. But with promotional bags, you can still reach a wide audience without paying for advertising space.

Printed bags are suited for many purposes, and as plastic bag sales consistently drop in the UK, more and more people use branded bags when shopping and running errands.

By providing customers or employees with promotional bags they can use daily, there's a high chance that people will use them, broadcasting your message or logo to everyone they see.

And best of all, you don't have to pay to get the message out. Instead, the bag's utility does it for you!

Increases Brand Awareness

Whenever customers use your custom print bags, they will encounter other people who will see their bag. And even if they don't talk about or mention your business, the image or message on the bag will likely stick in people's minds - especially if you put effort into making it catchy.

This offers many benefits for any company trying to increase its brand visibility.

A lot of the time, businesses have to pay a considerable sum to get their logo printed and posted on a billboard. But with personalised bags, you increase brand awareness without having to shell out any extra investment besides the cost of placing an order for the branded bags.

Great for Marketing Campaigns

Full-scale marketing campaigns can be difficult and costly. And a great way to better reach your target audience and enhance a marketing campaign is with promotional products like branded bags for businesses, UK.

The great thing about using a promotional bag is they offer a lot of uses. Whether you give them out to office workers or the public during an event, there's a high chance the recipients will use the bag. This is a fantastic way to ensure that more people get to view your marketing messages and your logo.

And since there's a wide selection of bags on our website, you won't run out of options. We offer cotton tote bags for promotional events, eco-friendly bags made of recycled materials, carrier bags for shoppers, branded laptop bags to give out to employees and more!

So, if you're producing an in-depth and full-scale advertising campaign and need the right promotional merchandise, check out our site today to be inspired.

Types of Promotional Bags

We don't skimp on variety here at Promo Direct. We understand that each brand and business has its own needs. Some may want to produce printed carrier bags, while others prefer branded tote bags for an event.

Either way, we've got you covered. Here are some of the different types of promotional bags available for business at Promo Direct.

Any one of these options is a great way to boost brand reputation and recognition, and it's up to your team to determine which is the best fit for the brand.

Shopping Bags

Customers who shop at a store or establishment need a way to carry their products.

This is why shopping bags are one of the best ways to promote a brand without spending too much money. Additionally, you can improve customer satisfaction and boost brand recognition by providing your customers with promotional shopping bags.

And here at Promo Direct, we offer tons of shopping bags for your needs. We have durable carrier bags that can sport your logo printed in full colour, which is one of the best promotional items you can offer customers.

We also offer eco-friendly bags and promotional paper bags in our extensive range. That way, you can show customers that you are a sustainable organisation committed to reducing your carbon footprint.

And since consumers prefer businesses that show a dedication to aiding the fight against climate change, offering your customers eco-friendly bags can boost your business's profits.

Business & Travel Bags

Employee giveaways are a great way to boost employee morale. By offering branded bags and merchandise, not only will your employees be grateful for the freebies, but it will also help sustain your brand's image.

For many companies, business and travel bags are some of the best giveaways they can give guests and employees to help boost their business.

And the reason for this is that there's a high chance that people will use company and travel bags that carry the company's logo or name.

Here at Promo Direct, we offer the best promotional business bags in the UK. You can check out our vast range of branded laptop sleeves and media bags, conference bags, and sturdy travel and sports bags to find the perfect UK business bags for your needs.

If you're hosting key events soon and aren't sure what to give guests as a giveaway, a business or travel bag is a great choice. They are useful to whoever receives the bag and offer a great way of getting more people to recognise your brand.

Backpacks & Drawstring Bags

Many companies underestimate the effectiveness of promotional merchandise such as backpacks and drawstring bags. Loyal customers will be more than happy to show their support for a business by carrying bags with their logo or name.

That's why our selection also includes customisable backpacks and drawstring bags. Businesses can give these away or sell them as merchandise to bring in additional income while having their customers promote the company everywhere they go.

Our backpacks and drawstring bags offer immense value for money. They are durable, long-lasting, and very comfortable, thanks to being made of the finest and highest-quality materials on the market. And this goes for all custom bags you can have printed at Promo Direct.

Sports Bags

Promo sports bags are another product we have available at Promo Direct. These personalised bags can be printed in full colour and customised to the needs of your business, organisation, or school.

They're spacious while not being too bulky, allowing the user to carry all their sports and workout essentials comfortably and easily. These sports bags are also stylish, meaning their owner can use them for convenience and as part of their sports attire.

When you have sports promotional bags printed at Promo Direct, you can rest assured that your business, organisation, or school will receive the highest-quality product on the market. That way, not only will your customers be happy to wear your promotional sports bags, but they can do so for many years into the future.

The beauty of our sports bags is that they are multi-use. This means they aren't strictly designed for the gym or carrying workout accessories. In many cases, our promo sports bags can be used for short trips to the mountain, a hike, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Other Promotional Bag Styles

At Promo Direct, we know that every business has unique needs, and because of that, we offer many other different bag styles that you can pick from.

For instance, if promotional drawstring bags or laptop bags aren't what your brand needs, we have many more options to pick from on our website.

We offer customised toilet and cosmetics bags that are perfect for toiletries and other essentials while travelling or to stay more organised at home. Cosmetics bags are also convenient if you have employees that are regularly travelling on behalf of your business.

Promotional shoe bags are another product that we offer here at Promo Direct. These bags are great for carrying shoes for business dinners and events, and since they aren't inside another bag, more people will be able to see your company's print or logo on the bag.

Waist bags are another popular option available amongst our wide selection of bags.

These bags are very practical and can be used for multiple purposes, such as holding your valuables on holidays, carrying money whilst at a car boot sale, or simply just for running errands throughout the day. And when your customers or employees use them in high-traffic areas, your brand will get a lot of recognition for free.

Lastly, we also have a wide range of branded beach bags that we can print your company logo on or customise according to your needs. That way, you can create promotional bags for any type of customer or employee, which can greatly increase the chances of effectively marketing your brand through promotional merchandise.

How to Use Promotional Bags for Marketing

Here are some ways companies and businesses can use our promotional bags for advertising their brand.

Sell Them to Customers In-Store

One of the ways to use promotional bags is to sell the branded bags in your store to customers. This could be a part of promoting your business's eco-friendly policies, as a collector's item, or just selling cool bags with a nice design that customers want to use in their daily lives.

Branded tote bags, also known as bags for life, usually have fast turnarounds and are best sellers in stores nationwide. This is why you may want to put a modern and stylish design on your customisable bags along with your logo to entice customers to buy the branded totes.

When you sell the bags to customers in-store, you can also offset the cost of producing the bags. And with the right design, it will be straightforward to sell the printed bags, and that way, expose your brand to a wider audience.

Give Them Away During Events

Another option is to give away branded bags during one-off events like pop-ups. This improves the experience of guests and customers at the event. Additionally, it will give your company a means of advertising your advocacy and message.

At Promo Direct, we have responsibly sourced promotional bags for all budgets. That way, you won't have to shell out too much money for promotional bags you plan to give away for free.

Employee Merchandise

Another way that businesses can use all our products is as employee merchandise. Since we have a wide selection of custom-printed bags, from the classic cotton tote to a practical laptop bag, it's easy to find and customise merchandise for your employees.

Get Custom Printed Bags at Promo Direct

Here at Promo Direct, we have tons of different bags in all shapes, sizes, and colours to suit your brand.

Whether you're looking for bags to give away as promotional merchandise or bags that you can sell, we've got plenty of options that you can pick from to suit your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can create promotional bags for your brand!


Where can I buy promotional bags, UK?

If you need high-quality promotional bags in the UK, look no further than Promo Direct. We offer many customisable bags in different colours, shapes, and sizes. We also customise them depending on your needs, making it much easier to launch a marketing campaign and tap into a better market.

Can I give gift bags to promote my business?

Yes, if you're looking for a way to promote your business, you can print your logo or marketing message on different bags and give them away. This could be at pop-up events, corporate events, or even in the store itself. And if you want to make an even bigger impression, you can fill the branded bags with other promotional products.

Where to buy promotional cotton bags, UK?

At Promo Direct, we offer tons of promotional cotton bags that are printed and tailored to your needs. We assure all customers that our bags are of the best quality and pay close attention to the printing to ensure that we capture every detail of your design.

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